House of Gram Presents Voyage 58

House of Gram Presents Voyage 58

Doors: 11:33AM
Show: 1:00PM

Stick around for the After Party and Fashion Show beginning at 2:40PM and will end at 5:30PM. Don’t forget to check out the PAHU Pop Up Store in the Lounge at 4:45PM.  


Featured Food
🔶 Marketplace Sausage Stuffed Preztel - Pretzel Wrapped Cheddar Sausage with       Whole Grain Mustard
🔶 Tropical Rice Bowl - Teriyaki Chicken & Grilled Pineapple Fried Rice
🔶 Classic Poke Bowl - Ahi Tuna, Sushi Rice & Tuna Seaweed Salad

Featured Beverages
🔷 Holiday Mimosa - Pomegranate Juice + Lunetta Prosecco
🔷 Calamansi Margarita - Calamansi Mango Margarita with Jose Cuervo       Traditional
🔷 Sunday Sangria - Tropical Fruit Sangria with Coconut & Pineapple

COZY UP TO OUR SIGNATURE HOLIDAY BEVERAGE BAR Choose your cup of coffee or hot chocolate, with or without a shot of holiday cheer, and pile on all your favorite toppings



Step into the enchanting world of "Voyage 58" with Nonosina Polynesia in Anaheim, CA, as we proudly commemorate 58 years of preserving the rich tapestry of Polynesian culture. Established by the esteemed Estella "Nonosina" Reid, affectionately known as "Gram," our journey, rooted in humble beginnings, has blossomed into an extraordinary celebration of artistry. Guided by four exceptional directors—Estella Reid, Riki Liufau, Mevina Liufau, and our current visionary, Tiana Liufau—Nonosina's mission is to intricately weave tales of both the past

and the present, using the human body as our canvas, with the Polynesian perspective as our guiding light. After the show, immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Keiki PAHU fashion show, a creation by our very own Tiana Liufau, adding yet another layer of vibrancy and talent to this remarkable event. Join us in this transcendent celebration of Polynesian heritage and artistry.

We are Nonosina, and this is a voyage you won't want to miss

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