Sharafat Parwani

Sharafat Parwani

7:00PM: Doors
8:00PM: Sharafaat Parwani


🔹Good Times  |  Ketel One, Blood Orange & Sprite

🔹A Day At The Beach  |  Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice & Blood Orange Syrup

🔹Sunset At The Grove  |  Lovo Prosecco & Chambord

🔶Chicken Kabob with Basmati Rice

🔶Nan –E Berenji- Rice Flour Cookie with Rose Water Essence

🟣 We are cashless venue, bring debit/cc for purchases

🟣 Bag Policy Is in Effect

For the first time ever, world renowned Afghan singer, Sharafat Parwani will be going on tour in the United States. Beginning with concerts in California and then to neighboring States. 

Sharafat Parwani, famous for his hit song, Lala Lala, among others has captured the hearts of Afghans worldwide. Join and witness history unfold with Sharafat Parwani's concert tour! 




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Doors Open

6:00 PM

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