Chad Calek Presents Sir Noface Lives

The “Sir Noface Lives Tour” hosted by Chad Calek and fellow investigator Justin Holstein will be at City National Grove of Anaheim on September 10. Be amongst the first to see this mind-blowing footage and spend up to 5 hours exploring paranormal existence through film. The evening also includes a “best of” evidence presentation featuring 25 years of Calek and Holstein’s most compelling evidence, Q&A’s, and a special 2-hour VIP meet and greet and dinner with the hosts.

On February 22, 2013 The Australian Government contacted civilian ghost hunter Craig Powell with an unusual request – They wanted him to conduct an extensive investigation of Sydney Harbor’s Cockatoo Island to determine if claims of paranormal activity could be substantiated. This government sanctioned investigation would last nearly two years and the evidence captured would change the lives of all involved forever.

Upon learning about this investigation acclaimed director, Chad Calek (“American Ghost Hunter” and “Under A Blood Red Sky”), offered Powell and his team an opportunity to tell their story, but with a catch – They would undergo intense scrutiny from Calek who would try to prove their tale was a hoax. “Sir Noface” chronicles the story of the Cockatoo Island investigation through eye witness accounts. Calek’s evaluation of several unexplainable events is climaxed by footage of a full-body apparition captured in perfect focus which Powell and his team nicknamed Sir Noface. When all is said and done viewers of “Sir Noface” are left with only one conclusion…GHOSTS DO EXIST.


Sir No Face Trailer


Recording of the crowd reaction in Sydney, AU to the Sir No Face reveal


Chad Calek is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and world-renowned paranormal investigator most-known as the on-screen focus and Director of his autobiographical AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER documentary. He was also the Co-Star and Director of five seasons of A&E’s hit reality series PARANORMAL STATE, which included Calek’s spin-off special for A&E, titled THE GHOST PROPHECIES. In total, Calek has spent over 25 years investigating the world’s most haunted locations, often completely alone, in search for answers to the bizarre, the mysterious and the unexplained. 

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