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Green City National Grove

At the City National Grove, not only do we pride ourselves on providing an amazing experience for our guests, but we also honor our environment by executing a number of eco-friendly practices including the following:
  • Waste Management / Recycling:  In partnership with the Anaheim Disposal, all rubbish is 100% sorted, and all paper, cardboard, plastics and bottles are recycled.
  • Water:  The City National Grove utilizes water-saving features throughout our venue.
  • Energy Management:  The City National Grove is an energy-efficient venue, and we have made special efforts to maintain advanced technology throughout the venue, all in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Cleaning Products:  We use green, eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the City National Grove.
  • Office Products:  We use recycled paper products and printer cartridges, and all light bulbs, computers and related products are all properly recycled.
  • Food & Beverage:  Many of our food products are organic and locally-grown. We offer sustainable/local grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs, free range chicken, and tasty locally grown fruits and vegetables.  We strictly adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List.  And, of course, no trans-fat frying at the City National Grove.